Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obtaining an Authorization

The following information and requirements are relevant to the merchant's obtaining of an authorization.
  • Treat all transactions the same. With respect to obtaining authorizations of transactions, the acquiring bank must treat all transactions at a merchant location in the same manner.
  • Retain the card while obtaining authorization. The merchant must use its best efforts, by reasonable and peaceful means, to retain the card while making an authorization request.
  • When to obtain an authorization. The merchant must obtain an authorization from the card issuer before completing the transaction in the following instances:
    • The transaction amount exceeds the merchant's floor limit or the floor limit applicable to the transaction.
    • The card is expired or not yet valid.
    • The card is not signed.
    • The merchant wishes to delay presenting the transaction record.
    • The transaction receipt cannot be imprinted although the card is present.
    • The merchant's data processing equipment is unable to read the magnetic stripe or the chip (if one is present) on the card.
    • The account number is listed on the regional Warning Notice.
    • The transaction is a recurring payment and a previous authorization request was declined.
    • The merchant is suspicious of the transaction for any reason.
  • Reporting a suspicious transaction. To report a suspicious transaction, the merchant must contact the authorization center, state "This is a Code 10" and await instructions.In all instances, except where the transaction exceeds the applicable floor limit, the merchant must inform the authorization center of the reason for the authorization request.
  • Pick-up-card response. If a cardholder account is listed on the electronic Warning Bulletin or regional Warning Notice, the merchant must not complete the transaction. The merchant must retain the card by reasonable and peaceful means and notify the authorization center for further instructions. If the authorization center cannot be reached, the merchant must retain the card by reasonable and peaceful means until the center can be reached.

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