Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Multiple Sales Receipts and Partial Payment

Following are requirements concerning multiple sales receipts and partial payments:
  • Split tickets are prohibited. A merchant is prohibited from using two or more sales receipts, also known as a split ticket, to avoid an authorization request.
  • Include all goods on a single sales receipts. All products and services purchased in a single transaction must be included in one total amount on a single sales receipt except in the following instances:
    • Multiple cards are presented. More than one card is presented for payment on a single transaction, and an authorization is obtained for the portion of the transaction charged to a each card.
    • Multiple items are billed. Multiple items are purchased and individually billed to the same account, and an authorization is obtained for each item purchased.
    • Partial payment. A merchant is prohibited from processing a card transaction where only a part of the total amount is included on a single sales receipt except in the following instances:
      • When the cardholder bills a portion of the transaction amount to a card and pays the remaining balance by cash or check.
      • When the products or services will be delivered or performed after the transaction date, one sales receipt represents a deposit, and the second sales receipt represents payment of the balance. The second sales receipt is conditioned upon the delivery or performance of the goods or services.

      An authorization must be obtained for the total amount of the transaction if it exceeds the applicable floor limit. The merchant must note on the sales receipt the words "deposit" or "balance," as appropriate. The sales receipt representing the balance must not be presented until the products or services are delivered or performed.

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