Monday, August 31, 2009

Express Checkout Guidelines

If a merchant is participating in the Express Checkout service, the merchant must comply with the following requirements:
  1. At the time of check-in, inquire whether the cardholder would like to use the Express Checkout service or routinely provide the necessary form (Express Checkout Authorization Form) in its "welcome package."
  2. Have the cardholder complete and sign the Express Checkout Authorization Form. It is recommended that the Express Checkout Authorization Form at the very least include the name, address, and phone number of the merchant for the cardholder's name, address, room number, cardholder signature, and account number that may optionally be imprinted. The form should state clearly that the cardholder directs the merchant to charge his or her account number for his or her bill and process his or her sales ticket without a cardholder signature.
  3. Imprint a sales ticket with the cardholder's account number, and follow its normal authorization procedures. The "pre-authorized order" floor limit of $50 does not apply.
  4. On the cardholder's departure the merchant should complete the sales ticket, indicating the total amount of the bill, and print legibly in the space allotted for the customer's signature the words "signature on file - express checkout."
  5. Process the sales ticket in the usual manner. There are no special deposit requirements imposed on the merchant outlet.
  6. Mail a copy of the itemized bill, sales ticket, and the Express Checkout Authorization Form to the cardholder at the address noted on the authorization form within three business days after the cardholder checks out.
  7. Retain and make available to the card issuer all records pertaining to the itemized bill and authorization requests in the event of a dispute.

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