Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Is My Debit Discount?
by UniBul on 5/10/2012 

The retailers had promised us lower prices at the checkout, once the fees they are charged for accepting debit cards were reduced. Well, these fees were cut by no less than 45 percent. So where is my promised discount?

You Can’t Get in Trouble with Prepaid
by UniBul on 5/11/2012 

That may not be the official tagline for the campaign that has been launched to tout the virtues of the latest American Express prepaid card, but it sure could be. The way I see it, prepaid cards, even the best among them, are still very much the payment cards of choice for the unbanked.

EMV, NFC, Mobile Wallets and Credit Card Fraud Liability
by UniBul on 5/8/2012 

Beginning in October 2015, merchants who have not upgraded to chip-and-PIN-compliant point-of-sale (POS) terminals, will be liable for the full amount of any fraud losses, which will, incidentally, hugely benefit mobile wallet operators.

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