Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The More You Use Your Debit Card, the Lower Your Credit Score
by UniBul on 5/15/2012 

That is the conclusion of a recent study by two researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The economists say that they set out to verify the anecdotal negative relationship between the use of debit cards and credit scores and have indeed confirmed the validity of this common assumption.

Prepaid Cards Keep Getting Better
by UniBul on 5/14/2012 

Chase is the latest big bank to enter the prepaid card market in a serious way. AmEx's prepaid card is still the best option for everyone with a poor FICO score whose primary goal is to get back into the credit system, because it offers a path to a charge card. Everyone else, however, now has a choice between two very good prepaid cards.

Increased Lending, Higher Balances Lead to Lower Credit Card APRs
by UniBul on 5/16/2012 

That is how two Cleveland Fed researchers interpret the fall of credit card interest rates in the past two years. They find an inverse relationship between the changes in the interest rate and the outstanding credit card debt.

Americans Are Slashing Credit Card Debt and Other Facts
by UniBul on 5/12/2012 

We've been tracking the various credit card statistics in real time on our blog, but I thought that we could all benefit from a summary of what has taken place so far and from some historical perspective. So here are some charts for you.

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